Best of Customer Intelligence-September Edition

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Best of Customer Intelligence-September Edition

Our team has curated a range of the best articles related to the ongoing economic turbulence, the hype and challenges around generative AI, customer experience mapping and more. We hope you like it. We would be happy to hear your thoughts about these topics. Do you have a suggestion for an article we should include in this series? Let us know in the comments.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, July 2023 (McKinsey & Company)

The report highlights key trends, trade dynamics, and market fluctuations, offering valuable insights into the world’s financial health. It explores emerging technologies’ impact on industries, discusses shifts in consumer behavior, and assesses geopolitical influences. With a focus on sustainable practices and policy implications, this executive summary equips business leaders and policymakers with essential knowledge to navigate a rapidly evolving economic environment.

Generative AI-nxiety (Harvard Business Review)

This article encapsulates the growing unease surrounding AI’s generative capabilities. This phenomenon explores concerns about misinformation, deepfakes, and loss of creative control as AI generates convincing content. The article also focuses on ethical implications delving deep into potential misuse and the blurring of reality, also prompting discussions on media authenticity and the need for safeguards. As AI blurs the lines between human and machine creation, society grapples with the balance between innovation and the preservation of integrity. It is a very thought-provoking, worth thing on article on the evolution of Generative AI.

CX journey mapping doesn’t get any easier than this (Forrester)

The study shows the persistent complexities of customer experience (CX) journey mapping. The study dives into challenges that persist despite advancements in technology and methodologies. It accurately examines the intricacies of capturing multifaceted customer interactions, emotions, and touchpoints. It emphasizes aligning cross-functional teams and stakeholders to ensure holistic and effective mapping. While acknowledging the difficulties, the study offers insights into leveraging technology and data analytics to navigate the intricacies of CX mapping, ultimately driving businesses toward more meaningful and impactful customer experiences in an evolving landscape.

A CLV-Improvement Playbook for Recurring Revenue Businesses (Forbes Technology Council)

This article reflects on retention for recurring revenue businesses in a holistic way. It outlines tactics to enhance Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by optimizing customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Through data-driven insights, personalized experiences, and effective communication, the playbook aids in extending customer relationships, driving revenue growth, and fostering long-term business sustainability.

This was our pick of informative articles, research reports and more for the month of August. We publish our pick every month with articles that talk about customer experience and more, follow us to read the latest.