Proof of Value


Proof Of Value

Predictive Churn Intelligence from Call Center Interactions

VOZIQ’s award-winning Predictive Text Analytics Solution enables recurring revenue businesses to leverage unstructured and structured customer data using Machine Learning and AI to accurately predict and proactively manage customer churn risk.

The proof of value (POV) provides a quick and hassle-free way to evaluate VOZIQ’s solution for your long-term customer retention goals. It allows you to test the power of AI to address your crucial contact center challenges and business-specific use cases.

Benefits of POV:

Pre-assess the ROI of your customer retention initiatives.
Demonstrate a working solution to internal stakeholders.
Create and validate a business case for executive buy-in.

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    Frequently asked questions

    An executive summary presentation covering key findings, gaps, and opportunity analysis, and an initial business case that reinvents your customer retention strategy.
    The POV will demonstrate:

    • How an end-to-end solution would look like for your use case
    • How relevant data sources are used to deliver predictive intelligence
    • How VOZIQ’s machine learning models uncover emerging churn risk
    • How the intelligence is operationalized to drive proactive strategies
    • High-level ROI and implementation roadmaps to help you build a business case

    POV helps in discovery of behavioral intelligence hidden in the untapped, unstructured data sources to find root causes of dissatisfaction, identify top at-risk customers, and find key customer service experience gaps that are driving customer risk.

    VOZIQ’s data scientists will work with you through the POV duration.
    They will collaborate to:
    1.Understand the use case
    2. Identify top opportunities to mitigate churn and increase retention
    Identify the data sources
    3. Prepare and export the data for analysis
    4. Analyze, visualize and model the data
    5. Interpret and analyze the results
    6. Deliver the executive summary presentation

    No. Your analyst just needs to export anonymized data in a flat file (CSV). The analysis and intelligence happens in VOZIQ environment.

    Findings and recommendations are delivered in approximately 10 weeks!

    The best outcomes are derived using 1 million historical call records, including unstructured text in the form of agent notes along with other anonymized customer data such as demographics and contracts.

    The data is expected to be delivered as text files in comma separated value format (CSV). VOZIQ engineers will work with you to put in place a suitable data exchange mechanism.

    VOZIQ ingests anonymized customer data and hosts the POV in a dedicated environment in AWS Cloud and follows enterprise security best practices to avoid any privacy and privacy issues.

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