Unique business value approach that offers a synergy of ready-to-go AI solution and a dedicated AI Lab for EVERY customer to drive continuous improvements. This reduces internal dependencies, shortens the time to value, and delivers assured impact – unlike any other solution in the market. Our unique approach has delivered total $750 million CLV to our customers.

Dedicated AI Lab

VOZIQ’ AI lab leverages the predictive power for all internal and external data sources and allows creating production-ready models within weeks.

More Accurate Predictions

VOZIQ analyzes both internal and external data to uncover customer sentiment, intent and churn causes and deliver accurate predictions

Quicker Time-to-Value

A robust, ready-to-go solution with proven success ensures that the solution is deployed quickly and starts delivering ROI within weeks.

High ROI

Data-driven intelligence helps run targeted retention campaigns and marketing with micro-segments which significantly increases the conversion rate and ROI

Revenue Growth Opportunities

A combined focus on churn and CLV also enables growth through low-cost winback, upgrades, add-ons, NPS, and referrals

Continuous Enhancement

VOZIQ operationalizes with offer definitions and optimization and uses offer acceptance feedback to continuously improve offer performance.

No IT Dependency

Our plug n’ play solution ensures seamless integration with your channels with almost no dependency on your IT team or disruption to your workflows.

Complete OPEX Solution

The 100% OPEX solution means you can quickly make without needing budgetary or hardware procurement approvals from your finance or IT departments.

Data Science as a Service

You get quick access to our experienced data scientists, domain experts, and technologists which saves you the hassle and cost of hiring highly qualified resources.

- Retention and Sales Leader of a Leading Subscription-Based Business "VOZIQ’s churn prediction models use the same
AI techniques that big tech companies like Google and Amazon are using, and those have made the
real difference for us"

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