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VOZIQ’s award-winning AI solution helps recurring revenue businesses successfully predict and address churn risks and identify CLV maximizing opportunities at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Join our solution experts for a live demo to discover how the solution enables you to:

Turn unstructured customer data into powerful, actionable intelligence.
Bring retention, winback, NPS under a single, unified platform.
Drive proactive multi-channel interventions across the customer lifecycle.

The multi-model AI solution offers a comprehensive package with AI technology, pre-built ML models and dashboards, along with dedicated business transformation services.

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    Pre-Built AI/ML Solution for Predictive Customer Retention

    Solution includes predictive models, operational reports and root cause analysis dashboards created and maintained by VOZIQ’s data scientists to ensure success

    AI Powered by Machine Learning

    Multi-Channel Customer Retention

    Retention Agent Performance

    Predictive Winback Model

    Proactive Offer Optimization

    Proactive CX Management