Intelligent IVR Routing

Intelligent IVR Routing

Intelligent IVR routing gives each customer a personalized experience, since it routes the call to the best possible resource/agent to provide the exact solution to the problem. Contact centers have encountered several problems with traditional routing methods, and now they have compelling reasons to advance into using intelligent IVR routing.

The Problem

Today, even one poor customer service experience can trigger customers into an immediate shift in spend to the competition, creating revenue risk for the companies in this customer-led market. So, customer journey mapping is an essential practice as it helps anticipate the customers’ needs as they move across touchpoints. Therefore, it is critical to analyze every customer interaction at the call center to understand risk factors, and it’s vital to take proactive measures that help retain your at-risk customers.

Most of the call centers today do not utilize intelligent IVR routing. Hence every customer call is transferred to regular service agents who are not trained well enough to answer the specific needs of the high-risk customers. It results in customer dissatisfaction and, subsequently, customer churn.

How VOZIQ Addresses the Problem

VOZIQ’s intelligent IVR routing helps businesses in their retention efforts by effectively implementing intelligent routing. To identify the high-risk customers, we must understand the call context. So, we couple the insights extracted from the call center interactions with the intelligent IVR. This helps in identifying the at-risk customers, making it easy to route them to high skilled retention experts for risk recovery.

Create accurate customer risk profiles and predict the next call reason.
Match every call with the best agent automatically and offer tailored engagement - every time.
Deliver the best retention offer right when the customer has initiated the engagement.
Empower agents for effective retention, recovery, and resolution.

Effectively Implementing IVR Addresses Few Key Contact Center Problems Such As

Track dynamic churn risk: Feed structured and unstructured risk signals to cloud-based machine learning models and track churn risk as it evolves.
Drive inbound retention: Auto-route every call to specialist agents based on risk to safeguard and retain customer revenue.
Improve retention marketing: Slice and dice behavioral and transactional risk signals to spot reversible churn risk and design targeted retention offers.
Improve service quality: Leverage text analytics to analyze root causes of dissatisfaction to boost NPS, CSAT, FCR across the lifecycle.
Customer-aware business: Leverage the customer intelligence to improve product or service, field operations, pricing and competitive strategies.

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VOZIQ’s predictive retention leverages Behavioral Intelligence to deliver breakthrough churn risk intelligence.