Books on Customer Growth That Are a Must Read

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Books on Customer Growth That Are a Must Read

Customer-obsessed businesses have one focus, a happy customer, and we have some books that show how much-satisfied customers contribute to the company’s overall growth. Here’s our pick of the quarter; let’s begin with an insightful book that delved deep into customer research.

FANOMICS®: Turn Customers into Fans and Profit from it (Future of Business and Finance) by Roman Becker (Author), Gregor Daschmann (Author)

In this book, Roman Becker and Gregor Daschmann, the discoverers of the Fan Principle and FANOMICS, demonstrate how to turn customers into true and lifelong fans. Based on surveys and interviews with more than 100,000 respondents, it becomes clear that fans have the highest customer value and therefore contribute significantly to the economic success of a company. However, in order to win fan customers and increase these numbers, a complete rethinking of customer relationship management and a departure from the customary key performance indicators is necessary. Get the book by clicking here.

Customer Care Alchemy (Business Growth Chronicles Book 5) by Thomas Gresham

“Customer Care Alchemy” by Thomas Gresham is a transformative masterpiece that unveils the secrets to creating extraordinary customer experiences that leave a lasting impact. Through this book, you’ll discover the alchemical formula for building unwavering customer trust, forging deep emotional connections, and exceeding expectations at every touchpoint. Gresham’s innovative strategies will guide you in creating personalized experiences that resonate with your customers’ deepest desires, fostering unbreakable bonds of loyalty.

Customer Acquisition and Retention: Techniques for Winning in Today’s Competitive Market (From Idea to Empire: The Entrepreneur’s Journey) by Frederic Behe

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the sales process, from understanding your target market and creating effective sales strategies to utilizing the latest sales technologies and analytics. You will also discover how to retain customers through exceptional customer service, building trust and credibility, offering incentives and loyalty programs, and implementing customer retention strategies. Whether you are a sales professional looking to hone your skills or a business owner looking to boost your sales and retain more customers, this book has something for everyone.

Customer Experience: How To Delight Your Customers And Keep Them Forever by Olukayode Badejo

“How to Delight Your Customers and Keep Them Forever” is a comprehensive guidebook written by customer service expert, Olukayode Badejo. This book delves into the importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty in building a successful business. It offers practical strategies, actionable insights, and real-life examples to help businesses understand, meet, and exceed customer expectations. serves as a comprehensive guide for businesses aiming to provide exceptional customer experiences. By implementing the strategies outlined in this book, businesses can build lasting relationships with their customers, foster loyalty, and ultimately drive business success.

The Secrets to Attracting and Keeping Your Dream Customers: Comprehensive Guide to Customer Acquisition and Retention. Develop a wonderful client experience, sell more, and boost revenues by David Y. Anderson

In this book, they share the secrets to success when it comes to building strong customer relationships. Through a combination of data-driven insights and real-life examples, they guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive customer acquisition and retention strategy that will set your business up for long-term success. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, their book will guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive customer acquisition and retention strategy that will set your business up for long-term success.

These were our picks for the quarter. Find our pick of books from every quarter for customer retention/service and much more in our blogs section. Happy reading