VOZIQ Solutions by Roles

VOZIQ Solutions by Roles

Customer Retention

Reverse-engineer risk, and take a lifecycle approach to deal with risk
Realize demonstrable gains in key metrics such as retention rates, CSAT/NPS, FCR and AHT
Focus retention dollar and efforts for maximum impact

Executive Leadership

Improve customer revenue
Reduce cost-to-serve customers
Gain competitive edge with improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy

Customer Care and Operations

Turn contact center from a cost center to a hub of strategic customer intelligence
Improve agent performance with benchmarking, coaching and WFM
Link quality management with impact on business metrics

Frontline Executives

Better engagement through clear visibility of risk and risk drivers, while dealing with a customer
Easy access to targeted offers by marketing specifically for the customer
Empowerment through gap analysis and coaching

Product Leaders

Improve plans and products
Devise a better competitive strategy
Create better pricing strategies


Performance benchmarking and gaps analysis, with a focus on customer satisfaction and retention
Better customer engagement, based on risk levels and drivers for individual customers

Assess Maturity of Your Customer Retention Program

Talk to our solution experts to assess maturity of your existing customer retention programs, assess data sources, and identify gaps and zero in on quick wins.

Found your use case but want to see the results before you commit?

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