AI Platform Built for Customer Retention

VOZIQ’s artificial intelligence platform offers everything you need to leverage your data and use the power of artificial intelligence to maximize customer lifetime value.

Single, scalable platform to support all AI-driven CLV use cases
Pre-built business solutions available to jumpstart CLV initiative
Managed by VOZIQ’s AI Lab so you can focus on more important work


Technologies to Power the
of Customer Retention

AI and Machine Learning

Built to serve customer retention needs of recurring revenue businesses

Ready to go AI

Significantly shorter time to value with prebuilt ML models, NLP/Text analytics, data connectors, guidance, dashboards and reports

VOZIQ data cloud

Connect any type of data (structured, unstructured, streaming) to maximize coverage and accuracy of predictions

Breakthrough intelligence

10+ predictive ML models to unleash full predictive power of your data and uncover addressable drivers of customer churn

Text Analytics

Significantly better risk diagnosis and more actionable predictions by identifying customer intent, sentiment, hot topics

Built for Actions

Ready-to-act guidance at every point of impact for risk-aware operations

Early detection

Continuously monitor emerging risks and opportunities at the level of every customer to flag high-risk 3-6 months in advance

Actionable AI

Diagnose, predict and act with the help of actionable and context-rich insights and prescriptive guidance

Explainable AI

Empower frontline staff with full visibility into precise drivers of predicted risk with 6+ health indicators for every customer

Any team, any channel

Seamless delivery of actionable and context-rich insights and prescriptive guidance at the points of impact


Minimum disruption and complexity with maximum scalability and flexibiliy

One platform for retention ops

Centralize all data, insights, guidance and actions under one platform for seamless orchestration of retention initiatives

Rapid Launch

Innovate faster with little IT dependency, easy configurability, and all necessary hardware and software pre-deployed in cloud


VOZIQ’s AI works with your current technologies and models allowing you to maximize your existing investments

Data Science as a Service

Unlimited access to a team of 15+ AI engineers and solution experts who are dedicated to your ongoing success

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