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VOZIQ offers an end-to-end solution to transform customer retention from reactive to proactive by using artificial intelligence and 10+ machine learning models. We have delivered over $750 million in customer lifetime value to our clients.
$ 750 M+
Customer lifetime
value delivered
$ 37 M/Year
Savings in lost customer
replacements cost
8 %+
Retention improvements
per year
140 +
Operational integrations
to drive actions

"VOZIQ has been an invaluable strategic partner for us. They have enabled us to become a data-driven, proactive and customer-centric organization." - Jay Autrey, Chief Customer Officer, Brinks Home - Edmund Mackey, Chief Operating Officer, Aptive VOZIQ's AI is helping us in running targeted retention campaigns. With the new intelligence, we have quickly improved the retention rate which has resulted in nearly $30 million customer lifetime value increase. - Stephanie Gaccetta, Director, Customer Loyalty & Retention, ADT Security "VOZIQ’s AI-driven advanced analytics solutions not only improved contact center agent performance, but also helped in identifying high risk customers proactively, addressing both quick hit opportunities and long term strategic opportunities. The best part is, unlike many software solutions, consultants were instrumental in operationalizing the solution and quantifying the improvements realized..”

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Future of Customer Retention

VOZIQ is like Tesla Autopilot but for the retention needs of recurring revenue businesses. It is powered by state-of-the-art AI for 24×7 monitoring, interpretation, and guidance for timely response to emerging churn risks.

If Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is THE North Star metric for your company, your search for an end-to-end solution stops at VOZIQ.

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Do You Celebrate Retention? Here’s Why You Must.

Celebrating retained customers with the same enthusiasm and accolades as new sales is important. Learn how to recognize your frontline and motivate them to perform better.


Maximizing CLV through AI

VOZIQ helped Brinks Home create over $100 million CLV through proactive retention.


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A VOZIQ brief for CFOs on how they can save millions in lost revenue through AI.


Driving Customer Retention

Uncover hidden churn risks and address them proactively with VOZIQ’s AI solution.



Discover what makes VOZIQ the right customer retention partner for you.



Learn how VOZIQ AI’s partnership with recurring revenue businesses like yours has created several million dollars in CLV for them through proactive intervention.

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