Predictive Customer Retention

Stay One Step Ahead of
Customer Churn

End-to-end AI/ML solution to predict at-risk customers, know why they might cancel, and what can be done to minimize the risk and extend their life time.

Continuously monitor entire customer-base for 200+ risk predictors
Flag top customers who are exhibiting those risk signals in real time
Proactively engage with at-risk customers to mitigate the risk

Conventional Retention is Broken.

Focus on end-of-the-term

Conventional customer retention in recurring revenue businesses focuses on end-of-the-term cancellations.

Late recognition

Customers don’t decide to cancel overnight. Traditional approach misses on the early signals of growing risk.

Expensive retention

When customer calls to cancel, it’s already too late and to reverse the risk, companies end up giving expensive offers.

‪→‬ The result is a rapidly aging and dissatisfied customer base that pays less, needs higher service costs, and adversely affects business growth.

VOZIQ’s AI Puts You in Driver’s Seat

VOZIQ’s predictive AI flags top at-risk customers while the risk is still low and moves them to a lower-risk, higherlifetime path with proactive, risk-aware engagements. This approach delivers systematic customer retention improvements year after year. 

Identify precursors of customer churn at an early stage.

Address the precursors when a high-risk customer interacts.

Get visibility into CX and product gaps that drive dissatisfaction.

Flag customers who are exhibiting those precursors.

Identify targets for upgrades, add-ons, referral campaigns.

Proactively present personalized offers to extend the lifetime.

VOZIQ’s AI enables Brinks Home to achieve over 50,000 additional proactive contract renewals in one year ​ $100M
Highest NPS with Proactive Renewals Cancellation Reduction Watch Webinar Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

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Today's Challenges

VOZIQ's AI-Enabled Approach

Only one predictive model to predict churn risk
10+ machine learning models to predict risk and uncover retention opportunities
Reactive retention that focuses on end-of-the-term cancellations
Proactive retention triggered by AI for EVERY interaction with a predicted high-risk customer
Analysis of limited risk attributes from structured data
Analysis of 200+ risk attributes from ANY type of data: Structured, unstructured, streaming, external
Business-level insights about overall churn rate and cohort analysis
Customer-level intelligence with dynamic predictions, microsegments, action guidance and offers
Fragmented retention actions across operations and marketing
Omni-channel retention with millions of AI-enabled actions through risk-aware touchpoints
Difficult to prove ROI inspite of diverting valuable internal resources and huge IT investments
End-to-end business solution with pre-operational AI for retention, proven playbooks, access to experts and a clear roadmap to business impact
75% Retention rate without VOZIQ
80-85% Retention rate with VOZIQ

Predictive Retention Models Portfolio

Leverage a portfolio of KPI-specific machine learning models that are designed specifically for customer retention use cases in recurring revenue businesses.

Customer-Level Predictions

Automate how your business engages with high-risk, high-value customers by arming your teams with actionable guidance for proactive retention.

Business Transformation

Drive transformation with confidence by bringing customer retention operations under a single platform, and running a multichannel AI-enabled retention program.

Meet the Experts

VOZIQ’s experts accelerate success on every stage of your journey

“AI can help growth-focused executives in uncovering untapped opportunities for boosting customer retention rates.”

Vasudeva Akula, Ph.D., is Chief Data Scientist of VOZIQ

“Improving retention has acquired significant urgency today because growth-focused companies cannot afford the drag of high cancellation rates.”

Brandon Savage, MBA, works with clients to accelerate impact

Meet Your Expert

Sunil Issar, Ph.D., holds 2 patents for his research in natural language processing (NLP) and IVR optimization. He is a Senior Director and is passionate about leveraging data and AI to transform the way businesses engage with customers.

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