A 3-Step Action Plan to Transform Customer Retention

A 3-Step Action Plan to Transform Customer Retention


A 3-Step Action Plan
to Transform Customer Retention

Proven and result-driven practices from retention success stories in the subscription industry 

It is no secret how excruciating it is to face high customer churn rates in subscription businesses despite your countless efforts.  

However, this is exactly where VOZIQ AI’s 3-step action plan steps in. 

Over the last few years, we have delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in customer lifetime value to our clients through numerous successful retention projects.  

Our experience working on those projects enabled us to devise this time-tested plan that can drastically improve your customer retention. 

Watch this on-demand webinar, where our experts will review the action plan and cover how to: 

  • Strategize: Boost retention by maximizing the value of your enterprise assets. 
  • Implement: Using AI models to steer the retention transformation roadmap. 
  • Scale: Derive maximum value from your retention investment.  

Vasudeva Akula, Ph.D.
Chief Data Scientist


Doug Shapiro
Chief Sales Officer

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Brandon Savage, MBA
Head of Solution Enablement VOZIQ AI

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