We Asked ChatGPT about Powering Subscription Revenue Growth with AI…

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We Asked ChatGPT about Powering Subscription Revenue Growth with AI…

ChatGPT has taken the business world by storm. It’s one of the best examples of AI-based tools that promise to transform the way companies do business. Powered by AI and natural language processing, ChatGPT is finding its use in a variety of business applications that involve human-like conversations. Given its ability to generate quick, well-researched, and accurate responses, companies are exploring opportunities where ChatGPT can fuel the growth of their business.

At VOZIQ AI, we also thought of trying its potential by asking it a few strategic questions and we must say, its responses were impressive. For example, one of the questions was how a highly advanced AI technology would approach the challenges related to customer attrition and price increase. The answer ChatGPT came up with surprised us as VOZIQ takes a similar approach to tackling customer churn and price increase challenges of clients.

We decided to dig deeper and asked ChatGPT how it would execute the approach. That’s when we realized that it has significant limitations when it comes to operationalizing customer intelligence to drive personalized customer retention and price increases.

On March 24 from 12:00-12:30 PM EST, our AI experts will review the ChatGPT capabilities and recommendations pertaining to customer churn and price increase, and discuss how VOZIQ AI fills the gaps in ChatGPT recommendations to make a profitable impact at scale.

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