Customer Intelligence – October Edition

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Customer Intelligence – October Edition

Customer service stands atop when it comes to running a business. Satisfied customers mean a successful business. With time, customer expectations have pivoted basic to personalization. There is, however, a fine line between personalizing customer service and overdoing it.

Here are some articles that give you a glimpse of the shift in customer expectations and how to deal with it.

To Avoid Consumers’ Wrath, Businesses Should Adopt These 5 Data Protection Measures-Customer Think

Delivering a personalized experience to customers requires information from them. However, Customers are more aware and protective of their data as of late. These five steps ensure the safety of your customer data.

Keeping Up with Customers’ Increasingly Dynamic Needs – HBR

While nearly 70% of consumers believe behaving inconsistently is very human and totally acceptable, they also want businesses to keep up. Around two-thirds of them feel that companies are not responding fast enough to their changing needs. How do businesses keep up, then? Take a look at the HBR article.

The State of Future Fit, 2022: Three Adaptive Behaviors Predict Maturity (Forrester)

Technology is the center of customer service. But even technology gets old. Future-fit organizations understand the importance of quickly implementing new operating models, practices, and culture to maintain a competitive edge. Explore more with this Forrester’s read.

Lean Six Sigma Lessons to Support CX Programme Implementation | MyCustomer

Define, measure, analyze, improve, control – yes, we are referring to Lean Six Sigma. This article highlights five rules that define success in CX program implementation. Click the link to read on and discover more.

Five Steps to Assure the Future of Your Business (

It is not enough to create a business that can attract high-paying clients regularly. A business is viable if it does not need a lot of intervention from you. Read the article to understand how to achieve this.

These were our picks of the month from the internet. For more on the best blogs on anything and everything on customer intelligence, we publish one every month.