Customer Intelligence – February Edition

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Customer Intelligence – February Edition

To be responsible for retention strategies is to change the direction a company operates. CFOs are now laser-focused on their retention efforts because, let’s face it, retention is one of the metrics to judge a company’s success.

Here are some of the articles we picked that serve CFOs in swiftly accelerating their retention efforts.

This IS Personal. How Customer Service Can Build Relationships One Customer at a Time.

This blog is a culmination of all the points from a classic book The One to One Future. The book offers a glimpse of customer relations that businesses usually tend to overlook – the little things, the nitty-gritty of customer interactions. Take in the essence of the book through the blog here.

7 Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2023

There is a new generation of adults and that means a new generation of expectations from providers. This is the time for contact centers to establish connections that will last with their new set of customers. Read the blog that outlines the trends leaders can focus on, from understanding the new customer needs to the technology that delivers them.

Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2023

This blog is a four-step directional for leaders. From beginning to end, it lists out the pivotal points leaders can focus on to strategically implement and include the tech trends that are crucial to look out for in 2023. AI seems to be the highlight of all of the above strategies, so it is time for leaders to embrace AI as the center of their retention strategies. Explore the guide here.

How To Turn Your Call Center into a Strategic Profit Center

The reputation call centers have as cost-centers precedes them. All it takes is a new perspective, one that puts retention at the center and call centers no longer look like an obligation for service. Leaders now have a unique opportunity to turn contact centers into retention frontline. Take a look at the above blog from Forbes highlighting just why contact centers can be a profitable front for businesses.

From reinforcing why AI will be the key to unlocking customer behavior and how technology will be the tool to deliver it, the first month of 2023 was a window of opportunity for leaders to gauge their customer relations for the next years to come. For more content like this, subscribe to VOZIQ AI.