Best of Customer Intelligence – November Edition

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Best of Customer Intelligence – November Edition

Through our best-of-customer intelligence series, we unravel the wisdom distilled from the best minds on the internet, offering a roadmap for subscription businesses to become the trailblazers of change and innovation.  

November is here, and it’s time for charting the course of goal setting and strategic planning for 2024. To light your way, this month’s edition highlights a few thought-provoking content pieces that delve into the realms of generative AI, predictive analytics, and other strategies that are poised to reshape the landscape of recurring revenue businesses. 

We hope these insights guide your business to thrive in the realm of sustained customer success. 

How should CXO’s be thinking about Generative AI? – Forbes

Generative AI has already caused ripples in the sea of CX. With the latest iteration of ChatGPT4 that can analyze and classify images, contact centers can automate more and more conversations.  

For instance, imagine a customer uploads an image of a defective product on social media. This latest advancement in Generative AI enables the system to not only confirm the image’s association with a business but also generate automated responses to address the issue promptly. 

As Generative AI continues to demonstrate its practicality, corporate boards are faced with the imperative of defining their responsibilities in this evolving landscape. The integration of Generative AI introduces both risks and rewards, necessitating careful consideration by board members.  

This article delves into the strategic steps and actions that corporate boards should take to embrace Generative AI responsibly and foster competitive excellence. 

Customer Experience in 2024 will be a “Fun” ride – Forrester

Judy Weader, Principal Analyst at Forrester, shares insights of her research in areas critical to establishing, funding, and scaling CX, through this blog.  

The crux of this content piece is that firms that invested in CX improvements by leveraging technology – such as behind-the-scenes generative AI and staying mindful of the human side in every customer, associate, and partner, are set to excel in the coming year.  

Read this blog to explore three important predictions for 2024 for customer-facing leaders. 

A CXO’s Guide to AI-Powered Strategies for Subscription Business Growth – Forbes

Navigating customer retention challenges is a common concern for CX leaders. If enhancing customer loyalty and driving sustainable growth is a priority for you in 2024, this blog is for you! 

 It highlights the transformative power of AI in addressing churn, identifying at-risk customers and taking proactive actions. Offering a 3-step AI-powered blueprint, it empowers CXOs to seamlessly integrate technology with human-centric approaches to navigate the intricacies of customer retention. 

The blog further outlines a detailed pathway to operationalize this blueprint, ensuring that your retention efforts are not only comprehensive and effective but also adaptable to the dynamic nature of the market. 

Value-added services will deliver greater customer experience – Telecom Reseller

This report from Omdia, a technology research company, outlines the key factors that will shape the future of exceptional broadband service. It emphasizes the significance of delivering value-added and personalized services to customers, along with the implementation of technology that automatically prioritizes greater bandwidth and lower latency for customer-used services. 

 Read the complete report to uncover additional key findings that will redefine broadband businesses in 2024 and beyond. 


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