Customer Experience Perspectives (3rd August, 2016)

Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience Perspectives (3rd August, 2016)

Customer effort is a huge area of concern for customer experience professionals; it’s a major point of contention and frustration for customers. Measuring customer effort is probably one of the best ways to understand whether or not you’re delivering a great customer experience (also known as CX).

How did CX become a major differentiator for today’s brands? How should contact center leaders build CX across the business? What steps should every businesses take to deliver a great CX?

Find out answers to the these questions on this week’s CX perspectives.

How To Create A Brand-Defining Customer Experience (

Customer experience is a major differentiator for today’s brands. Brands that get it right are not only able to create long-lasting customer relationships, but they also get a major competitive advantage over others. According to research, nearly 89% of customers say they have switched brands because of a poor customer experience (CX). However, 93% of senior executives said that improving customer experience is one of their company’s top three priorities over the next two years.

Read this article to learn how businesses can create a brand-defining customer experience.


How should contact center leaders build the customer experience across the business? That’s a key area that many new and emergent leaders struggle with. They know they ‘own’ their silo, but they need to embed their silo and the overall idea of the customer experience across the business.

Read this article to learn how customers actually think and behave, and how you should speak to them.

Listen, Analyze, Act: The Foundation of a Great Customer Experience

Customer experience, or CX, is a key business differentiator. According to Forrester, 90% of CX decision-makers say a good experience is critical to success, while 63% say the importance of the customer experience has risen over time.

While most companies understand the importance of delivering a great customer experience, many are still grappling with how to put promises of exceptional service into action.

In this article, the author has put forward the steps every business should take to deliver a great CX.

5 ways customer journey mapping can transform your business right now (

In this article, the author has explained why customer journey maps are emerging as an effective communication, decision-making, and governance tool. The author also reviews five scenarios where journey maps can serve as a powerful tool for transforming your organization.

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