AMP Smart and VOZIQ AI announce strategic partnership for AI-enabled proactive customer loyalty management

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AMP Smart and VOZIQ AI announce strategic partnership for AI-enabled proactive customer loyalty management

Reston, VA, December 21, 2023: VOZIQ AI, a leading provider of Predictive Customer Intelligence Solutions for subscription-based recurring-revenue businesses, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with AMP Smart to offer AI-enabled proactive customer loyalty solution aimed at maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

VOZIQ AI recently concluded the executive review meeting with Dave Bolen, Chief Operating Officer at AMP Smart, where VOZIQ AI’s Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Vasudeva Akula, rolled out a 365-day strategic roadmap for achieving $5 million to $10 million CLV increase through proactive customer experience management, proactive renewals, and loyalty management. 

Speaking about the partnership, Dave Bolen, Chief Operating Officer at AMP Smart said, 

We’ve just rolled out the VOZIQ AI solution with the objective of proactively exceeding our customer expectations and enhancing customer lifetime value through AI-driven interventions. The solution was implemented within 90 days as planned, and we’ve already leveraged the predictions to drive business value within the first week after the rollout. We believe our partnership will scale our loyalty initiatives and help us better serve our customers”. 

The VOZIQ AI team conducted a detailed 90-day assessment and integration of AMP Smart’s data sources with VOZIQ’s predictive intelligence platform, and subsequently developed predictive models, to bring this roadmap to life. 

The roadmap encompasses: 

  • Implementation of churn prediction models by deploying a contact-center agent UI that displays customer risk and revenue opportunities. 
  • Implementation of marketing strategies and IT integrations to scale up renewals, and  
  • Optimization of financials metrics such as Remaining Lifetime Value based on historical data. 

“Being a top-tier home security provider, AMP Smart prioritizes customer service to meet and exceed expectations of their customers. VOZIQ AI will now be the extension to their customer experience and loyalty team, helping the company drive real business value with proactive customer experience management. We look forward to a long term association with AMP Smart”, said Dr. Vasudeva Akula, Chief Data Scientist at VOZIQ AI. 

About AMP Smart:                                         

AMP Smart, a prominent residential security and smart home company in the US, specializes in smart home security services, devices, and solar solutions. Combining cutting-edge technology with 24-hour surveillance features, AMP Smart delivers top-notch products complemented by dedicated customer service. 

About VOZIQ AI: 

VOZIQ AI is a leading provider of AI-powered Customer Intelligence Solution to recurring revenue, subscription businesses of all sizes around the world. These innovative solutions leverage the power of artificial intelligence and proprietary machine learning models to enable these businesses to run data-driven campaigns to reduce customer churn, increase subscription revenue, improve NPS, and maximize customer lifetime value (CLV).