Transform Your Recurring Revenue Business with Cloud-Based Text Analytics for Contact Centers

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Transform Your Recurring Revenue Business with Cloud-Based Text Analytics for Contact Centers

Text analytics is already gaining a foothold in the market. Many companies have realized its significance and have started implementing it to gain major business benefits. Contact centers have huge amounts of unstructured text data, typically in the form of notes taken down by your customer service agents during their conversations with customers. This treasure trove of data is a valuable source of information in understanding the actual customer intent. Text analytics enables enterprises to leverage these text notes and create behavioral intelligence such as root causes, sentiment, and customer effort at scale.

Why focus on contact centers?

Contact centers play a crucial role in shaping the customer experience. Throughout the customer journey, customers turn to contact centers to voice their grievances, seek more information, and also to give feedback. If companies make effective use of all these available data, they have a great opportunity to transform not only the customer service, but other functions too, by basing decisions on real customer intelligence.

Power of Cloud-Based Text Analytics for Contact Centers

Cloud-based text analytics offers a highly cost-effective and powerful solution for realizing the full potential of customer interactions, which are huge in volume, highly dynamic, and in unstructured formats. A complete text analytics solution demands a lot of dependencies in order to analyze customer interactions. For example, dependencies on the IT department to install and maintain the solution on company servers. Then there are privacy and security concerns. Further, to make sense of all the data, a team of data scientists must be in place.

But a cloud-based text analytics solution eliminates all these dependencies, and helps you to realize a solid return on investment! Here is how:

Call Center Agent Notes – Goldmine for Customer Intelligence

Customer transactions and demographics do not tell a complete story of the customer. Customer surveys rely on only a sample of your customers. Speech analytics lacks the accuracy at scale, as the technology is still evolving. Call center agent notes are the human-interpreted notations on each customer conversation which takes place at the contact center. When combined with the other customer data sources, call center agent notes offer the richest customer insights.

Understand Customers Better with Text Analytics 

Text analytics converts the unstructured text from agent notes and transforms it into structured categories. Blending both the structured data with the remaining customer data available in the contact center will leave you with a large pool of data. Slicing and dicing this data will paint a full picture of customer sentiments, customer journeys, and customer experiences. You can also segment customers by geography, sentiments, issue types, and so on to create a complete map of customer experience transformation.

Power of Cloud 

Deploying cloud-based text analytics means you remove the hassle of a solution installed on company servers. All the costs and dependencies that come with a server-based solution are eliminated with a cloud-based text analytics solution. This means that the ROI is realized sooner than non-cloud deployments. Furthermore, cloud-based deployment offers best-in-class security, agility, and scalability.

Create Interventions, Not Just Insights 

Based on the insights generated from contact center interactions, contact center leaders can collaborate with other business units to offer a superior customer experience, remove operational gaps, and improve marketing and sales effectiveness.


The power of contact center interactions, especially those captured in the agent notes, is often neglected by the enterprises. Businesses that are looking to put their best foot forward moving into 2019 must utilize text analytics to its full potential for deriving structured data from unstructured data. Cloud-based text analytics offer a very cost-effective solution to convert customer interactions into insights about the customer, and about actions, and to realize transformative benefits across the enterprise.