Simple Ways to Convert Customer Feedback Into Customer Satisfaction

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Simple Ways to Convert Customer Feedback Into Customer Satisfaction

It’s the age of the customer, and improving customer satisfaction is one of the critical market imperatives for recurring revenue businesses. The shift to a customer-led market signifies an immediate and sustained threat to an enterprise’s survival. Hence, a company’s success depends on how well and how fast the company responds to its customers across all touchpoints, addressing their problems and satisfying them. The wealth of customer data that the companies unknowingly hold has the potential to decide a business’s fate. However, it requires the application of appropriate steps to ensure the translation of insights from customer data into meaningful actions.

Below are few simple methods that VOZIQ prescribes to develop a strong and satisfied customer base.

Understand customer needs and demands:

For customer-facing industries, placing your customers at the heart of your business gives a significant boost to the revenue. According to Gartner Group statistics, 80% of a company’s revenue comes from 20% of its customers – the loyal customers. The decisions we make, the strategies we build, and the developments we undertake must be reliant on the customer needs and demands. Therefore, understanding customers and heeding their voice needs to be of the utmost priority. Acquiring feedback from each and every customer can be an issue at an institutional level. In this context, companies are required to tap into this rich vein of hidden information stored in their contact centers.

Companies must use the unstructured call center notes and look at them as indirect feedback captured in the contact centers. This text contains rich data about the intent, effort, and sentiment of each customer.  With the help of text analytics on the unstructured agent notes, the customer’s wants and wishes can be understood easily. Once you understand their wants and wishes, you can easily implement measures to improve customer satisfaction.

Improve services by leveraging customer insights:

VOZIQ leverages the contact center data (i.e. agent notes along with survey data, CRM data, billing data and other available customer data sources using advanced cloud-based text analytics technology) and effectively finds the customers who show a higher propensity to churn. The cancellation risk scores and cancellation root causes insights help marketing teams to supercharge their retention marketing program by providing targeted offers and thereby significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and retaining the customers. This way, you’ll have a clear edge over your competitors, and also a chance to attract their customers.

Offer great support when needed and not when asked for:

Always being there for customers, providing personal assistance, and customizing help to resolve their specific queries goes a long way in enriching the overall satisfaction of the users.

Customer intelligence is used for effective customer relationships and the support of strategic decision-making. It also leads to an improved quality of response. We all know the impact created by dissatisfied customers on a company’s profitability. They can immediately take a flight to competition, resulting in revenue risk for the company. To overcome this situation, VOZIQ uses Intelligent IVR routing to give each customer a personalized experience by routing the call to the best possible resource/agent who can provide the exact solution to their problem.

At VOZIQ, we believe that great customer satisfaction is delivered by understanding customer sentiment and emotions, and proactively addressing their issues.

Engage with customers before it’s too late:

Instead of reaching out to at-risk customers at the last moment, VOZIQ suggests the use of inbound calls to the service center for contacting at-risk customers. The chances of having a fruitful conversation with such customers are observed to have increased 10 times in such scenarios. This technique not only helps in giving personal attention to customers’ woes, but also gives retention specialists a chance to make personalized offers to retain the dissatisfied customers based on the situation at hand. This method is proved to be largely responsible for saving more customers by improving their satisfaction levels.

Customers will be pleasantly surprised when you follow up with them and see them through their difficult situations. By following these simple steps, you can convert your customers into your evangelists.