VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Roundup – December Edition

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Customer Retention

VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Roundup – December Edition


Every month, we put together the best resources from around the web to help recurring revenue businesses navigate customer retention and experience challenges and stay on top of the latest trends. 

The December edition of our Customer Intelligence Roundup entails key strategies for customer-focused leaders to improve customer experience delivery and drive customer loyalty. 


15 Unique Ways to Effectively Boost Customer Retention 

Don’t let customer loyalty go to waste. Care for them before it’s too late! Here are 15 marketing tactics that help maintain them by creating the right environment. 

How to Turn One Time Customers into Loyal Fans 

Loyal customer relationship is what fuels long-term, profitable growth. Here is how you can attract and retain customers, so they become your most loyal supporters. 

Audience Segmentation Helps Expand Customer Base 

Audience segmentation lets you know who your target prospects are and where they are. This intelligence orchestrates better marketing results. Read more. 

“Predictive” Marks a New Era in Customer Experience Management 

Predictive technology is the key to unlocking the future of customer experience. This new era will lead companies to make better decisions and deliver personalized customer experiences. 

Predictions 2022: How CX Can Shine in a Year of Shortages 

What will customer experience look like in the year faced with shortages? This report by visionaries at Forrester highlights how customer experience will be critical in 2022. 

Seven Steps to Help Your Customer Service Heroes through the “Container-Challenged Christmas” 

With Christmas and family and everything happening, your customer service team is stretched thin. This blog recommends seven steps to help you and your team make it through this season.