VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Roundup – April Edition

Customer Retention

VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Roundup – April Edition

Every month, we put together the best resources from around the web to help recurring revenue businesses navigate customer retention and experience challenges, and stay on top of the latest trends.
The April edition of our Customer Intelligence Roundup entails a retrospective as well as a forward-looking view of AI’s impact on customer experience delivery and driving loyalty.

Insurance Has a Customer Retention Problem. Digital Is the Answer.
Customer expectations are evolving and retention is more challenging today. Businesses in a consumer-facing industry like insurance have to re-evaluate themselves to provide their customers with better pricing, more value and a superior experience. Explore how going digital will help.

Why Is Proactive Customer Retention Indispensable in 2022?
It can be hard to keep customers happy in a crowded marketplace. It is difficult for your business to survive if you are not proactive in retaining your customers. Here is everything you need to know about customer retention and how it will impact your business in the year 2022 and beyond.

Empowering the Front Line to Minimize Customer Churn
Your frontline is your business’s face, your first line of communication with your customers. Their success determines yours. Not arming it with the required tools, knowledge, and resources can leave a dent in your brand reputation and result in the loss of high-value customers.

Three Tips for Staffing Your CX Team
While there is no one way for every organization to build a perfect CX team, a few critical considerations can help you staff up your CX function. Judy Weader from Forrester shares three important tips for CX leaders. Read now.