Top 10 Customer Retention Insights in 2021

Top 10 Customer Retention Insights in 2021
Customer Retention

Top 10 Customer Retention Insights in 2021

As we start the new year with renewed enthusiasm, we have put together for you our most-read insights and guides published over the year. This round-up is a handpicked compilation of AI-driven ideas, best practices, and action plans recommended by our customer retention experts. Read VOZIQ’s top 10 below.

Five Tips for Creating a Successful AI-Driven Customer Winback Strategy

While creating an effective winback strategy can be more challenging than a retention program, it will let you explore and leverage new growth opportunities by driving loyalty.

Customer Obsession: An Imperative in the Post-pandemic Market

The post-pandemic market is difficult for companies, especially subscription-based businesses. Read how a customer-obsessed mindset can enable you to thrive in the “new normal”.

Five Steps to Achieving a Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Breakthrough

In this article, VOZIQ’s CEO Dr. Vasudeva Akula explains what you need to know before launching a new customer-centric initiative to you turn your customers into loyal ambassadors.

Why Your AI Project Is Failing to Deliver Value

Not all AI projects are successful. Many often fail to make it to production, find user adoption, or deliver the desired value. Understand the common failure factors and how to prevent them.

Five Recommendations to Ensure Customer Loyalty in the Post-COVID-19 Era

In the post-crisis world, there’s no better way to protect your business than to drive customer loyalty. These five recommendations will help you get started on the right track—and keep you there.

What Differentiates VOZIQ from Traditional Solutions

Traditional customer retention approaches are reactive and inadequate to save a customer. Discover how VOZIQ’s multiple-model and lifecycle-based solution helps achieve retention breakthroughs.

$100 Million CLV Creation through Proactive Customer Retention

Discover how Brinks Home transformed its customer care organization from a cost center to a revenue center and created over $100M CLV using VOZIQ’s AI-driven proactive retention.

Creating over $30 Million CLV Using Customer-Level Predictions

VOZIQ AI Center of Excellence helped Aptive Environmental create over $30 million CLV through proactive intervention and predictive churn intelligence at the customer level.

Customer Churn: You May Be Losing More than You Think

Besides lost revenue, a lost customer means lost referrals, lost upsell opportunities, negative word of mouth, and much more. Understand the actual cost of retention and how it impacts the long-term health of a company.

Playbook: Mastering Customer Retention

Traditional customer retention approaches are inadequate to address the most pressing customer retention challenges that the most recurring revenue businesses face today. Learn how AI can help.

We are also excited to share that we launched the VOZIQ AI Center of Excellence (ACE) in 2021. The ACE offers an innovative engagement model for ambitious customer-obsessed brands to drive AI-enabled CLV transformation confidently. It provides all the necessary tools, skills and resources to run profitable retention campaigns at scale.

We hope you find this round-up useful in navigating customer retention and CLV challenges in the post-pandemic world. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Wish you a great 2022!