The Best on Customer Intelligence – July Edition

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Customer Retention

The Best on Customer Intelligence – July Edition

Loyal customers are an incredible and ultimate asset to a business. However, building this asset for the long term requires a customer-obsessed mindset, understanding your customers, and letting them know that you are worth paying for. This is even more crucial today as the competition is rising and customer expectations are growing like never before.

Here is the best of June from across the Internet to help you understand your customers and implement methods to earn their loyalty.

How to Build Customer Loyalty
Building customer loyalty is a culmination of more than just providing great customer service. It involves understanding them, solving their concerns promptly and effectively, and earning their trust by continuously showing them that they are important.

This article provides an insight into how businesses can make their customers feel special from the get-go and drive customer loyalty by nurturing a strong relationship.

Great Balls of Fire! Customer Engagement Is on Your CMO’s Radar
More than 66% of businesses are now focusing on customer marketing. With that comes the crucial presence of customer marketing – understanding the priorities of the company and sharing how your outputs contribute to the shared, high-level metrics.

This article reiterates the importance of delivering robust value in the post-sale journey, not just through the offering but through engagement with peers, partners, and employees.

You Are Missing Out on Customer Feedback, And It’s on You
Customers are reaching out with an expectation. Every time a customer gives feedback, they expect companies to take action on them, pick up on clues they are providing, and most of all, acknowledge their feedback.

By acknowledging their input and acting on it, you make a customer feel valued. Know more about the importance of customer feedback here.

How the Operating Model Can Unlock the Full Power of Customer Experience
Customer excellence is the North Star of every business. Companies that have achieved successful CX transformations have worked on three areas – building aspiration and purpose, transforming the business, and enabling the transformation.

However, one of the biggest roadblocks is integrating customer experience into the organization and operating model. Find out how to overcome it in this article.

Why the Subscription Economy Needs to Focus on Customer Retention
While the subscription economy is growing, customer churn is increasing too. Consumers are contemplating every expense, and if they do not find any value, they simply discontinue. Adding to it the dramatic drop in switching costs, having customers stick to a service is getting harder for businesses.

Know more about the factors contributing to the rising churn in the subscription economy and how businesses can navigate this challenge.

This was June’s best on churn across the internet.

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