Handpicked Resources for Customer Retention Leaders – May Edition

Customer Retention

Handpicked Resources for Customer Retention Leaders – May Edition

Every month, we bring you the best resources from the internet to help you navigate customer retention and customer experience issues. 

This edition of VOZIQ’s Customer Intelligence Newsletter includes a handful of resources containing ideas and action plans in the post-crisis world and to prepare for the future while still keeping your customers at the forefront. 

We hope you will find this helpful. 

Why Your AI Project Is Failing to Deliver Value 

In reality, organizational leaders start with many expectations but eventually struggle to put their models into production or ensure that the end-users are using the intelligence to drive actions and impact. 

Read these interesting observations about why AI projects face deployment delays and budgetary overruns and fail to meet business goals. 

How to Win the Retention Game: A Case Study with Lingopie 

Customer acquisition and customer retention are two essential metrics for any organization. Both have an immediate impact on the organization’s financial standing, brand notoriety, and longevity. 

Learn how Lingopie is consistently winning the customer retention puzzle by investing in existing customers on a daily basis. 

6 Ways Proactive Customer Service Can Lead to Customer Retention and Growth 

Generally, businesses react when a customer brings up a problem. On the contrary, proactive customer service involves anticipating problems, creating solutions and informing customers about them early in their buying journey. It improves the likelihood of customers returning to do more business. 

This insightful article lists down six proactive ways to drive customer retention and growth. 

Four Clever Ways to Skyrocket User Retention 

Customer retention depends on your ability to keep existing customers returning for repeat orders over a specified time. Repeated customers are more likely to trust your brand, renew subscriptions and bring referrals. This line of thinking allows you to connect with new leads and secure more sales in the process of retaining existing users.  

Learn how you can boost your customer retention rate and build your brand.