Handpicked Resources for Customer Retention Leaders – February Edition

Customer Retention

Handpicked Resources for Customer Retention Leaders – February Edition

Every month, we bring you the best resources from the internet to help you navigate customer retention and customer experience issues.

This edition of VOZIQ’s Customer Intelligence Newsletter includes a handful of resources containing ideas and action plans for dealing with the current pandemic and preparing for the future while still keeping your customers at the forefront.

We hope you will find this useful!

How to Gain CX Insights that Matter

According to Forrester, being data-driven is no longer enough to become a customer-centric business. It’s the insights (about customers, partners, processes, and operations) that drive your business forward. So, what are the customer experience (CX) insights critical to your business?

The author has shared some insightful tips on creating great CX strategies that we are sure you will find insightful.

Customer Retention – How to Ensure Loyalty

Maintaining customer loyalty and attracting new customers is fundamental for every business. This article takes a closer look at the range of methods travel insurers are implementing to keep their customers engaged at this unusual time.

How Customer Service Can Emerge Stronger from the Pandemic in 2021

Customer service organizations played an elevated role in nurturing customers during the pandemic and did a great job at retaining them and their spend. The pandemic also exposed gaping holes in customer service technologies and processes. It helped accelerate modernization projects that were already underway — whose value will extend far beyond current circumstances.

  1. Digitization to provide frictionless service
  2. Modern desktops to better support agents
  3. More resilient operations to adapt to changing circumstances

This blog talks about deploying new self-service modalities, digital touchpoints, data and analytics technology, and migration-to-cloud technologies.

6 Steps to Successful Customer Onboarding, a Critical CX Activity that Most Companies Fail

20 to 30 percent of customer problems at most companies emanate from incorrect expectations or predictable customer errors. Both these problem areas can be significantly reduced through an effective onboarding program.

This article will cover:

  • The definition of customer onboarding (“onboarding”) and the cost of not doing it well, and why most companies fail to do a good job
  • The six critical aspects of onboarding and many examples of successful approaches
  • The range of options for getting customers’ attention focused on needed product education
  • How to demonstrate the return on investment in onboarding

This article explains a six-step process for onboarding which starts at identifying who needs to be onboarded through measuring process effectiveness.

10 Metrics for Digitally Transforming Revenue Channels and Growth

In 2021, every business needs to prioritize its digital channel strategies, including developing new ways of gaining valuable feedback. The race is on to digitally transform all channels, products and revenue sources this year. Reinventing their product and service strategies to break free from low-margin transaction sales to high-margin subscriptions is on the future roadmaps of nearly every large-scale manufacturer and service company today. Read more.