50 Handpicked Resources for Customer Retention Leaders – 2019 Edition

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50 Handpicked Resources for Customer Retention Leaders – 2019 Edition

This article contains a collection of 50 highly popular articles that appeared on the internet in 2018. Our curators had a gala time picking the best of the lot and we are very happy to present it to customer-obsessed leaders like yourself. We hope that these resources will offer interesting insights about various customer strategies as we progress into 2019. Enjoy reading!

Customer Retention:

The foundation of customer retention is knowing what your customers want and offering a personalized experience. According to Salesforce, 50% customers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t anticipate their needs. The key to figuring out what they want lies in understanding the unstructured customer data they leave behind after the interaction.

Following are a few popular articles on customer retention, which our curators found on the internet in 2018  .

Customer Lifetime Value:

Customer lifetime value is the most important metric that companies overlook and its significance has been understated for a long time. But, 98% of companies now call customer lifetime value critical to their marketing strategy. Today, the majority of companies have realized the significance of customer lifetime value, and are slowly getting better at using it effectively for their revenue growth.

Customer Experience:

Customer experience is the new marketing. Brands that are well-positioned for success in the coming years have adopted a new strategy; they compete on Customer Experience. According to research, 81% of satisfied customers are more likely to do business with you again if they have a positive experience.

Customer Satisfaction:

When it comes to company health, arguably the most important driver is customer satisfaction. A majority of customers will choose the company that had satisfied them even though their prices are high over a cheap, but low-quality service option. In fact, small business leaders estimate that 85% of their new business comes from word of mouth.

Customer Service:

The best way to improve your brand’s reputation is to simply focus on customer service. Companies that provide the best customer service also have strong brand reputations. Turning customers into brand evangelists is easily possible if you treat your customer’s right every time.

We hope that these handpicked resources will offer you fresh insights on the best practices, tips, techniques, and use cases for improving customer lifetime value, customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer service, and customer retention.