Customer Experience Perspectives (4th May, 2016)

Customer Experience Perspectives (4th May, 2016)
Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience Perspectives (4th May, 2016)

What causes bad CX? What’s the ROI of bad CX?? How can you improve customer experience? What are the best practices? Answers to all these questions and more in this week’s CX Perspectives. We are sure you will have a great time going through them!

Customer Experience in Singapore: Trends, challenges & best practices (

It seems that improving customer experience (CX) is talked about a lot these days, but how are companies in the real world facing up to the challenge? The article highlights the best practices as suggested by industry experts for improving CX. Some of these include:

  • Share responsibility for CX
  • Managing online/offline is key

While the challenges faced are:

  • Replicating CX across channels
  • CX is expensive and hard to justify

Infographic: Why bad service is burning your bottom line (

Poor customer service can be extremely costly for any business. Did you know that 60% of consumers have higher expectations of customer service now than they did just 1 year ago? For every angry customer that complains to a company, 26 others remain silent.

These and many such statistics can be found in this interesting infograph.

The surprising ROI of great customer experience (and the terrible cost of bad CX) (

The author describes that the article is all about why you should invest in customer experience. Here are the reasons:

The Power of Customer Journey Thinking (Temkin Group Video) (

Customer journey maps (CJM) are one of the most popular CX tools and a frequent topic of discussion. The gist of the article is that the power of CJMs lies in their ability to help companies design interactions and measurements based on an understanding of the customer’s perspective. This insight, however, does not always require the creation of a map or any extensive research. Organizations can get a great deal of the value of CJMs if employees actively consider customers’ journeys in everything they do.

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