Customer Experience Perspectives (1st March, 2017)

Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience Perspectives (1st March, 2017)

This edition of Customer Experience Perspectives features some of the best resources compiled by our analyst team for busy customer experience professionals like yourself!

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5 Best CX Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn in 2017

According to a research from Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 90%.

Based on the industry vertical and the market, companies from these industries need to design a predictive churn model to identify potential customers who have a high probability of churn. Check out these 5 best CX strategies that you can consider to make your customer happy and reduce churn.

10 Ways Machine Learning Impacts Customer Experience(

Today machine learning can help brands scale their engagement operations and provide increasingly relevant experiences. Machine learning holds the promise to change all the customer hate about customer experiences. Find out in this article how machine learning impacts CX in 10 different ways.

Banking Needs a Customer Experience Wake-Up Call(

The financial services industry has been impacted by the increasing use of technology from smartphones to wearables. This transformation in methods of transacting has enabled more personalized engagement, allowing customers to engage  engage in seamless banking across channels. This has also increased both the potential and complexity of creating a positive customer experience.

To know more about CX Insights in Banking industry you must read this Article

Three Ways To Create An Engaging Customer Experience That Drives Sales(

No matter what type of business you’re in, if you want to take your customer service and experience to another level, take a few lessons from retail and hospitality.

You must read this article to know more about three ways to create a mood experience that also helps drive sales.

3 Factors Shaping the Next Wave of Customer Experience(

2017 is well underway and already it’s been a big year for technology and innovation. Three foundational trends are going to define 2017 Artificial intelligence, IoT and personalization — because, when you strip away their distinct differences, these trends boil down to one specific end game: improving, enhancing and elevating the customer experience. To know more About the 3 factors in detail you must read this Article.

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