Customer Experience Perspectives (1st July, 2016)

Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience Perspectives (1st July, 2016)

Customer experience is a top primacy for many organizations around the globe. In this day and age, client experience impacts customer retention, customer loyalty, and customer advocacy, which are all desirable outcomes for modern organizations.

In this week’s CX perspectives, we have compiled a list of articles, where the authors have discussed why businesses need to break down the fourth wall, who are millennials and their role in brands.

Also, read about the different strategies CMOs need to consider to improve the customer experience at particular touch points. All these and much more in this week’s CX perspectives.

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Break the fourth wall to transform customer experience(

The fourth wall has a lot of significance on stage, television, or the big screen. This wall separates a performer or performance from an audience. But how is it relevant to businesses and customer experience? In this article, the author has described its significance and why is it necessary for businesses to break down the fourth wall.

Businesses can attract audience closer to the brand, define their mission and vision, and drive their customers to a common purpose, by breaking the fourth wall.

Infographic: How to deliver an excellent customer experience to millennials(

Any idea why millennials are so important for businesses and brands? Well, study says that millennials will form 75% of the working population by the year 2025. So, who are they and what is their impact on businesses? The infographic brilliantly represents what is the role of millennials and answers the following questions:

  1. Who are millennials?
  2. How millennials interact with brands?
  3. Five ways to create great customer experiences with millennials.

Claim Ownership of the Customer Experience(

A client’s experience has a direct effect on the top and bottom lines of business. CMOs in any organization are aware of this and look out for a solution to deliver the most efficient and contextually relevant experiences.

In this article, the author has discussed the different strategies necessary to improve the customer experience at particular touch points i.e. in-store point of sale, website and call center.


Customer experience is playing a pivotal role in today’s world. However, very few organizations comprehend the significance of changing their business operations to become more customer centric.

Based on research findings, businesses have a long way to go before they can even consider customer centricity to be a real, genuine, authentic reality.

In this article, the author has asked two simple questions:

  1. Would you agree that your company always makes decisions consciously considering how the decision will positively or negatively affect the customer?
  2. Describe up to three things (in your words) that are either enabling your organization to focus on Customer Experience or not (as the case may be)!

Read the article to see the response.

Neuroscience Proves Customer Experience (CX) Isn’t Just Fluff(

The business necessity for effective customer experiences is a fact, and science has proved it’s not a myth.

Businesses must realize the fact that the hardwiring of customers’ brains and their neurological desire for a flow are part of their expectations. Consequently, it is vital for organizations to comprehend the economic imperative of the customer experience and the risk of losing customers to the competition correctly.

Read this interesting article to know the facts about human perception and response times based on neuroscience.

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