Customer Experience Perspectives (15th April, 2016)

Customer Experience Perspectives (4th May, 2016)
Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience Perspectives (15th April, 2016)

How can we improve CX? Where does innovation fit in the CX space? Is customer journey mapping a critical part of any CX program? And how can we provide seamless customer experience? Answers to all these questions and more in this week’s CX Perspectives. We are sure you will have a great time going through them!

Customer Experience Improvement: Seven Best Practices []

We begin this week by identifying the best practices to improve customer experience. According to a Forrester report, a “whopping 80% of customer experience (CX) professionals say that their firms’ goal is to be a CX leader in their industry or across all industries.” But as they point out, the reality is that only 11% of companies succeed in delivering an excellent customer experience.

This article lays out several best practices for continuous customer experience improvement.

Customer Journey Mapping: The Way Forward []

Following a customer’s path is one thing. Predicting it is yet another. Customers today have multiple channels to get in touch with the company, making it a difficult job for customer experience leaders. Indeed, it is observed that companies are missing the mark on their journey mapping efforts.

Just as no two customer journeys are the same, no two journey mapping approaches are either. Start by mapping their behavioral stages and bring in additional data as you go. Then, your customer experience approaches will come into focus.

What innovation really means in customer experience []

Innovation has always been a key method of achieving business growth. In this article, three brand CX leaders explore what it takes to leverage innovation for a better customer experience.

Some of the ideas discussed are having a customer-obsessed culture, setting up customer journey mapping, and aligning your CX ideas with your other business goals.

How to Build a Seamless Customer Experience []

A seamless customer experience gets delivered when you answer the questions your customer is asking. It’s as simple as that. Getting there, however, takes a lot of work – so claims this article.

And what is the best way to get there? Actions, accurate information & empowered employees create a seamless customer experience.

Customer Experience Really Matters []

Many people believe that only a negative customer experience is shared via social media. However, according to a recent study from Ipsos Loyalty, consumers are just as likely to promote a positive experience.

The article is an interview piece conducted by Loyalty360 with Jean-Francois Damais, Deputy Managing Director, Global Client Solutions at Ipsos Loyalty, to find out more about this compelling study.

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