Customer Experience Perspectives (14th November, 2016)

Customer Experience Perspectives (4th May, 2016)
Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience Perspectives (14th November, 2016)

This edition of Customer Experience Perspectives features some of the best resources compiled by our analyst team for busy customer experience professionals like yourself!

Let us know your feedback and suggestions, as well as any useful articles we may have missed.

4 Ways To Avoid Killing Your Customer Experience With A Cheap-Suit Sales Approach(

This article wonderfully summarizes the interesting customer experience from sales perspectives and how to find out quick fixes to a broken sales process. According to the author these are the CX approaches that every sales executive should follow:

  1. Onboard and train your employees like your business depends on it
  2. People skills cannot be overlooked
  3. Technology must be part of your sales process
  4. Preach humility

Read this article to find out more about the interesting CX approaches for sales executives:

How Retail, Banking and Healthcare Approach the Customer Journey(

In this article the author has explained how customer experience happens in our new digital world. The author illustrates three ways that companies in different industries (retail, banking, and healthcare) use customer experience glimpses to foster positive journeys for their customers.

Check out the article to know more about the different customer journeys:

Customer Experience By Walking Around(

The author in this article has explains  how managers can improve CX by talking differently with employees. His solution for managers is to leave their offices to talk to employees about positive things going on in the company, or to compliment employees for their good work.

Get more such interesting tips to improve CX in this article:

Rethinking Customer Experience: What Are We Measuring and Why?(

Achieving excellent customer experience relies, in part, on the speed of analysis. Historically, businesses have relied on their content management system (CMS) to provide them with speedy analysis regarding customer experience. However, measuring real-world digital transactions in that way and expecting the process to be speedy is the equivalent of expecting the post office to suddenly speed up their interactions with customers.

Check out this interesting article on how to measure and improve customer experience:

How customer experience professionals can build relevance and impact in large organisations(

In this article, the writer outlines several important approaches that customer experience professionals can use to effectively create an impact within large organisations. To learn more about these insightful customer expierence approaches, please read the following article:

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