Why is the BI User Adoption Low?

Why is the BI User Adoption Low
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Why is the BI User Adoption Low?

Jumping on to the bandwagon simply because everyone else is doing that is the worst mistake anyone can ever make. This is especially true in the case of adoption of BI software. Technology is useless without relevant business objectives guiding its application.

Dr. Vasudeva Akula, CEO of VOZIQ, points out the cardinal mistake that affects BI user adoption badly:

“Most of the time the decision-makers in a business commit the cardinal mistake regarding BI: They let the capabilities of the BI software drive the whole BI program instead of expecting the BI software to assist them in achieve their own business objectives,” explains Dr. Vasudeva Akula, CEO of VOZIQ, “this leads to a situation where the teams start chasing KPIs which do not translate into real gains for the business. Ultimately, this leads to hype at the start of the program and lack of real adoption 6 months to a year after the launch as users realize it’s not helping them in driving better decisions.”

Low BI User Adoption

So, what you can do about the low BI user adoption?

Decision-makers need to start with clear identification and definition of the main business objectives. These objectives should always remain central to the entire analytics process. They should be the guiding points leading all the analytical output in productive basket with strategic solutions. The BI software needs to fit into the framework of specific business targets. Only then, a business would be able to leverage full advantage of the innumerable opportunities analytics capabilities have to offer.

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