100+ Big Data, Technology and Marketing Trends for 2015

100+ Big Data, Technology and Marketing Trends for 2015
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100+ Big Data, Technology and Marketing Trends for 2015

100-plus marketing big-data and technology trends

2015 is just around the corner. As new technologies drive the fate of businesses, business priorities will see major shifts in the new year. To help you make most of these changes, we’ve compiled a list of some major big data, technology and marketing trends that you should keep an eye on in 2015.

Digital Megatrends 2015 – The Role of Technology in the New Normal Market

  1. Sluggish growth in advanced economies
  2. A shift in economic power to emerging markets
  3. More value-driven consumers
  4. An era of heightened risk and uncertainty
  5. Capitalism revisited
  6. Mobile devices reach ubiquity
  7. Cloud computing comes of age
  8. The rise of on-demand business intelligence
  9. Social media and collaboration become the norm
  10. Digital disruption will give rise to new businesses, some created by machines

Marketing trends – How marketing will evolve in 2015

  1. Transparency will become the most important tool of marketing.
  2. CMOs will become Chief Simplifier Officers.
  3. Emergence of the marketing technologists.
  4. The winners will be adept at agility marketing.
  5. Media agencies will step up and lead.
  6. Hispanic agencies will go mainstream.
  7. Marketing will shift from globalization to personalization.
  8. Procurement will become more powerful.
  9. Growing focus on Internal Communications.
  10. Holding companies will start divesting assets.
  11. The economics of marketing in a digital world will challenge marketers.
  12. Content Will Be More Important Than Ever
  13. Marketing Channels Will Be Even More Connected
  14. Mobile Will Take Over
  15. Marketing Campaigns Will Be More Data-Driven & More Hyper-Targeted
  16. The Laggards Will Finally Adopt
  17. Companies will learn that publication is only the small first step; value comes from distribution
  18. Content marketing will become inextricably linked with social media marketing
  19. Advertisements will become less blatant as marketers begin to favor ads integrated with content
  20. Companies who embrace content marketing will achieve higher search engine rankings
  21. The reputation of guest blogging as a content marketing strategy will be repaired
  22. Budgets for content marketing across most industries will reach new record-highs
  23. Content marketers will become more sophisticated when it comes to email marketing
  24. Paid Placements Are Here to Stay: Spend Your Money on the Right Content and Platform
  25. Marketing Automation Tools Will Change the Way You Play
  26. Micro-targeting: It’s Time to Really Get to Know Your Customers
  27. Shift from conversion optimization to experience optimization
  28. Actionable Analytics and intelligent analytics will witness further rise.
  29. Content distribution services will become more popular
  30. The line between software vendors and service providers will blur.
  31. Several big companies will become new entrants in the marketing tech space.
  32. The ISV ecosystems around major platforms will flourish.
  33. The ‘Sharing Economy’ takes on talent.
  34. Millennials start aging.

Technology- Cutting edge technologies to look out for in 2015

  1. Risk-based security and self-protection
  2. Further evolution of Web-scale IT
  3. Software-defined applications and infrastructure
  4. Cloud/client computing
  5. Smart machines
  6. Advanced, pervasive, and invisible analytics
  7. Computing everywhere
  8. Emergence of a truly decentralized internet
  9. Worldwide shipments of 3D printers are expected to grow 98%
  10. Context-rich systems
  11. Analysis awareness at all levels of the organisation
  12. Device independent access
  13. Flexible scaling in the cloud

Big Data- Revolutionary trends to rock data analysis

  1. In-Memory Databases
  2. Non-Data Scientists
  3. More Sensor Driven Data
  4. Deeper Customer Insight
  5. HR Analytics
  6. No Ownership in Just One Department
  7. More real-time data
  8. Re-emphasis on systems of record (SOR) systems
  9. A new emphasis on data collections
  10. Hybrid Cloud Gains Traction

Sales- Megatrends for sales organisations

  1. Highly networked “superbuyers.”
  2. Micro-segments, macro-behaviors.
  3. B2C-inspired customer expectations.
  4. Growth through learning
  5. Integration of sales and marketing
  6. A further growth in mobile selling
  7. Increased focus on sales training ROI
  8. The Role of Salespeople Will Evolve
  9. Customers Will Pay A Premium For Verified Results
  10. Role of salespeople will evolve

Social Media- Top Social Media Trends that will dominate 2015

  1. Good to great: Smarter, more personalized, optimized social
  2. More metrics
  3. More money will flow into social media
  4. Social media companies will become more than just networks
  5. Continued converged media
  6. More mistakes
  7. Mobile-first
  8. Visual brand language
  9. Breakouts: imagery, messaging, video
  10. We’ll witness the rise of Ello
  11. Facebook ad pricing and demand will significantly increase
  12. Twitter’s new business advertising model will skyrocket in popularity.
  13. Google+ will begin to fade into obscurity
  14. Instagram will become essential for image-based social media marketing
  15. LinkedIn will widen the gap as “the” B2B social network
  16. Social media marketing will finally be embraced as a core pillar of content marketing
  17. Staying relevant on Facebook will cost companies more
  18. Finally, more tools to see if Tweets actually produce sales
  19. Social networks will dive deeper into e-commerce
  20. Customer service: Social media and phones work in tandem
  21. The biggest social media innovations will come through the back door
  22. Big changes are afoot for the likes of Twitter, Facebook and others
  23.    100. Your social network wants to be your wallet
  24. Shopping finally comes to social media
  25. Smart devices get more social
  26. The illusion of social media privacy gives way to the real thing

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