VOZIQ Rebrands Itself to VOZIQ AI; Launches a Dedicated AI Center of Excellence (ACE) for Clients

VOZIQ Rebrands Itself to VOZIQ AI; Launches a Dedicated AI Center of Excellence (ACE) for Clients
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VOZIQ Rebrands Itself to VOZIQ AI; Launches a Dedicated AI Center of Excellence (ACE) for Clients

Reston, VA, October 13, 2021: VOZIQ, an AI-powered predictive customer retention solution provider, announced the launch of its redesigned website with a new domain address –  VOZIQ’s rebranding to VOZIQ AI highlights the company’s commitment to helping its clients reimagine customer retention by leveraging the potential of AI and machine learning.

Along with the new website, the company has launched a dedicated AI Center of Excellence (ACE) for its clients which offers the following advantages:

  • A robust, ready-to-go AI-Driven retention solution that significantly shortens time to value.
  • Continuous innovation through ACE, established for EVERY client, minimizing the dependency on Data Science, BI, and IT resources.
  • A solution installed on the client’s cloud, and the VOZIQ AI team working as an in-house remote extension. This addresses the data security needs of all our customers to keep data internal.

The VOZIQ solution comprises 10+ machine learning models tailored for each stage of the customer life cycle – churn model, predictive NPS, predictive non-pay, winback, predictive referrals, to name a few. VOZIQ’s ACE ensures continuous enhancements to their solution with additional use cases and predictive models on the same infrastructure to ensure every client realizes the highest value from their AI investments.

“More than a new website with a new look and address, it is about the rebranding of how we are going to deliver value. We are delighted to introduce our AI Center of Excellence that is designed to ensure the solution is constantly enhanced with newer models or additional use cases”,said Dr. Vasudeva Akula, Co-founder, and Chief Data Scientist of VOZIQ.

He added, “While working with our clients, we realized that traditional AI-driven solutions limit the full potential of AI-driven customer life-cycle management. With a constantly changing competitive landscape and the availability of additional internal and external data sources over time, our clients want to make sure their AI investment constantly evolves over time and ensures the highest value realization. In addition to the production solution, ACE brings all the necessary skills and resources under one umbrella and addresses these needs without the need for internal resources.”

Created for every client, the Center includes data scientists who are constantly working to help meet even the most ambitious customer retention goals. So far, it has been instrumental in delivering more than $750 million customer lifetime value (CLV) to various leading brands.

“The Center offers more than CLV creation.” Dr. Akula explained. “Besides delivering upward of $50-100 million CLV for each client, we help our clients save significantly on building labs and assigning resources. Even at the savings of the equivalent of two or three internal resources for a client, the cost saved is somewhere in the range of $300K-500K per year.”

VOZIQ AI uses state-of-the-art AI and advanced machine learning technologies to help clients convert the voice of their customers into actionable predictive intelligence. Its AI Center of Excellence aims to ensure that its clients get value and stay on top of churn risks and drive customer revenue through proactive intervention and continuous innovation.


VOZIQ is the only cloud-based AI/ML solution that enables recurring revenue businesses to retain more customers at a lower cost by using 10+ lifecycle-based predictive models and running large-scale proactive retention campaigns through contact center and marketing channels.

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