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VOZIQ helped Brinks create $100M+ CLV through Proactive Customer Retention

Home Security and Automation
$550 million

Brinks Home Data Sources

Contact center agent notes
IVR logs
Service jobs
Customer surveys
Contract terms
Product usage
Payment history

AI-Driven Predictive Retention

VOZIQ used a multi-model approach to target retention risks and opportunities across the customer lifecycle. The AI-driven, proactive approach through care and marketing channels helped Brinks realize wider CLV gains.

VOZIQ’s CLV Solutions

Contact center agent guidance
Risk-based customer microsegmentation
Multi-variate offer conversion testing and NPV optimization
New financial metrics to track the ROI

Brinks Business Impact

$100 Million
Proactive Contract Renewals
Annual Churn Rate Reduction
Highest NPS

“VOZIQ has been an invaluable strategic partner for us. They have enabled us to become a data-driven, proactive and customer-centric organization”

Jay Autrey, Chief Customer Officer, Brinks Home

VOZIQ helped Aptive create $30M+ CLV through Customer-Level Predictions

Pest Control Solutions
$270 million

Aptive Data Sources

Contact center agent notes
Field Service History
ZIP Codes
Demographics Data
Income Ranges
Contract Terms
Payment history

AI-Driven Predictive Retention

VOZIQ deployed its AI-enabled predictive retention solution to target key retention improvement opportunities identified in the collaboration with Aptive executive leadership. Focus on cross-channel, large scale retention campaigns driven by customer-level predictive intelligence put Aptive on track to exceed their annual goals.

VOZIQ’s CLV Solutions

Dedicated AI Lab to accelerate the impact
Customer lifetime value (CLV) modelling
Actionable, customer-level predictions alongwith health indicators
A new proactive contract renewal program to engage high-risk customers
Linking branch and agent performance with CLV impact

Aptive Business Impact

$30 Million
Number of customers risk-scored daily
Highest NPS

“VOZIQ’s AI is helping us in running targeted retention campaigns. With the new intelligence, we have quickly improved the retention rate which has resulted in nearly $30 million customer lifetime value increase.”

Edmund Mackey, Chief Operating Officer, Aptive Environmental


Minimizing Customer Churn by Improving First Call Resolution and Agent Performance

Home Security & Automation

ADT Data Sources

Contact center agent notes
Speech analytics, surveys, QA scores
Service Jobs
Contract Terms
Customer care history

AI-Driven Predictive Retention

VOZIQ implemented its unique AI-powered predictive churn reduction to enhance customer experience and reduce attrition. It leveraged unstructured customer interactions and identify attrition causes to drive proactive recovery activities to address them.

VOZIQ’s CLV Solutions

Unlimited data science support
Analytics-based first call resolution
Business-Driven QM Process for targeted agent performance coaching
Proactive retention based on high-effort interactions that led to cancellations

Business Impact

$500+ Million
Save Rate Improvement
Annual Churn Rate Reduction
Increase in FCR

“VOZIQ’s AI-driven advanced analytics solutions not only improved contact center agent performance but also helped in identifying high-risk customers proactively, addressing both quick hit opportunities and long-term strategic opportunities. The best part is, unlike many software solutions, consultants were instrumental in operationalizing the solution and quantifying the improvements realized.”

Stephanie Gaccetta, Director, Customer Loyalty & Retention, ADT Security

A renowned pharmacy manager provides access to more than 64,000 pharmacies nationwide

Transforming Care Experience with Contact Center Intelligence

$25+ Billion

Data Sources

Call center text notes
Agent information
RxClaim member data
NICE speech-to-text data
Quality monitoring data

AI-Driven Predictive Retention

VOZIQ’s end-to-end customer retention solution leveraged unstructured customer interactions from call centers to drive member experience improvements to significantly reduce average handling time (AHT) and call volume.

VOZIQ’s CLV Solutions

Integrated speech analytics and text analytics in one platform
Implementation of algorithmic first call resolution (FCR) metric
Extracting expressed and inferred customer feedback from call center text notes
Advanced text analytics to uncover wide-ranging issues affecting member experience
Pre-selecting highest opportunity calls to coach and develop agents

Business Impact

Annual Cost Savings
Reduction in Call Volume
Reduction in AHT

“VOZIQ enabled us with exciting capabilities to drive FCR improvement by agent performance and other elements that impact FCR – like drug name and type. Their application’s ability to pick drug names from call notes was a game-changer for us!”

Senior Director, Training, Quality & Service Excellence

One of the largest health benefits providers in Wisconsin state

Improved Customer Retention through First Call Resolution

$700+ Million

Data Sources

Interaction history
Contact center agent notes
Quality monitoring data

AI-Driven Predictive Retention

VOZIQ’s AI solution and transformation consulting services helped the client categorize and analyze repeat calls to identify and address the root causes of customer dissatisfaction. It resulted in better FCR, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention rate.

VOZIQ’s CLV Solutions

Automatic categorization of repeat calls
AHT analysis by call type and agent
Uncovering and flagging root causes of customer dissatisfaction
Identifying opportunities to deflect calls to self-service

Business Impact

Improved customer satisfaction
Decreased churn
Reduced repeat calls
Optimized handle time
Increased deflection to self-service

“We find this solution to be a robust and multifunctional with significant capability to capture those golden moments when we touch our customers and have the opportunity to deepen our relationship with them.”

Member Services Head

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