Predictive NPS Management

Predictive NPS Management

VOZIQ’s Proactive NPS Management uses advanced machine learning technology to turn structured and unstructured customer data into predictive NPS intelligence for every customer. With VOZIQ’s operationalization frameworks, this intelligence is then turned into millions of micro-engagements across channels to boost NPS scores and address root causes affecting NPS trend.

What Makes VOZIQ’s Predictive NPS Solution Unique?

Traditionally, NPS surveys are answered by only a fraction of customer base. This leads to decision-making that is based on just a sample of the voice of customer. On the other hand, VOZIQ scores your entire customer base for predictive NPS, allows you to prioritize segments that need priority attention, and provide ways to actually over proactive engagement to such customers.

Data Sources for Predictive NPS Score

Direct feedback from customer satisfaction surveys
Indirect feedback from effort, call topics, usage and trouble
Inferred feedback: Sentiment, root causes, competitors
Other data: RMR, FICO, Contract, Product, Geo etc.

How VOZIQ Predicts NPS For Every Customer ?

VOZIQ has developed proprietary machine learning model that has been trained on millions of data points over years across various industries.

The predictive model analyzes a combination of historical survey responses, structured and unstructured data to predict NPS for every single customer, and also surfaces root causes that are affecting customer satisfaction.

Turn Detractors into Promoters with CX Concierge

VOZIQ’s CX Concierge allows you to offer personalized, proactive and timely care to low-NPS microsegments and turn them into promoters.

This is achieved by making your IVR aware of NPS/CSAT risk and arming your agents with key customer health indicators when such a member is on call. Similar integrations can be deployed with other points of impact to AI-enable millions of micro-engagements across channels.

IVR integration

Automatically route calls from detractors to service specialists for proactive engagement

Marketing integration

Segment customers based on NPS score and dissatisfaction drivers and deliver tailored others

Turn Your Business CX-Aware

Predictive NPS for Customer Service

Identify and resolve customer issues ahead of time. Reduce reactive approaches and drive loyalty proactively.

Predictive NPS for Retention

Leverage predictive NPS to measure the ongoing health of your organization. Predict future growth and churn with a reliable, proven KPI.

Predictive NPS for Product

Understand which features or products are leading to customer dissatisfaction, and remove gaps.

Predictive NPS for Marketing

Personalize others based on NPS score and its drivers for every customer, and boost success rate of marketing campaigns.

VOZIQ is Different!

Always-on, predictive NPS scoring for every single customer
Unmatched granularity and accuracy with AI/ML technology
Micro-segmentation based on dissatisfaction drivers
Drive proactive engagement to improve loyalty and lifetime value

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