Reducing customer Attrition 2xfaster

Reducing customer Attrition 2xfaster


How Brinks Home Reduced Customer Attrition 2X

Brinks Home, a top tier smart home security providers in the U.S, serving over 1 million people across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, leveraged VOZIQ’s Explainable AI model to achieve a customer retention breakthrough. 

Watch this success story webinar, where, Veronica Moturi, SVP of Customer Experience at Brinks Home, shares insights into how VOZIQ AI played a pivotal role in effectively operationalizing attrition initiatives using Explainable AI and generate over $100M customer lifetime value (CLV). 

 You’ll learn:   

👉 How VOZIQ’s AI model accurately predicted customer cancellations and helped in developing operational strategies by providing reasons behind the predicted attrition risk. 

 👉Creating targeted offers by grouping customers into microsegments using the drivers called “health indicators”. 

👉Enabling contact center agents with a guidance dashboard to offer prescribed risk mitigation for at-risk customers proactively. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to understand how Explainable AI is bolstering customer retention efforts of subscription businesses. 


Veronica Moturi
SVP of Customer Experience
Brinks Home


Vishwanath Gubba
Director, AI Center of Excellence VOZIQ AI


Brandon Savage, MBA
Head of Solution Enablement VOZIQ AI

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