Webinar – How Recurring Revenue Businesses Can Turn Contact Centers from Cost Centers to Profit Centers

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Webinar – How Recurring Revenue Businesses Can Turn Contact Centers from Cost Centers to Profit Centers

Call centers are critical to recurring revenue businesses. They are the first go-to place for customers who wish to interact with the company.

However, the current outlook still considers contact centers as cost centers. Their KPIs are focused on efficiency and cost reduction and, in most cases, are not linked to actual   revenue impact. Moreover, their performance improvement plans primarily revolve around improving these cost and efficiency metrics alone.

However, owning to the tighter macro-economic climate, recurring revenue businesses must look for untapped opportunities that can drive profits and revenues.

Call center is such an untapped opportunity. Here’s how –

With all customer queries, complaints, support, and service, a contact center provides a business with the richest source of customer data. It is also the best and most accurate channel of communication with customers, as when a customer is on call, the contact center agent has their undivided attention.

Using AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics, this customer interaction data can offer powerful intelligence about customer behavior, intent, and expectations. Companies can leverage this intelligence to fill customer experience gaps and identify opportunities to drive revenue growth.

To discuss this topic in more detail, we have scheduled a webinar on May 26 where VOZIQ AI’s experts will discuss how recurring revenue businesses can turn contact centers from cost centers into profit centers using artificial intelligence (AI). They will also discuss the real-world success stories where leading recurring revenue businesses have identified and leveraged revenue growth opportunities through their contact centers and drove significant growth by increasing customer lifetime value.

Join us on May 26 Webinar: Turning Contact Centers from Cost Centers to Profit Centers for Recurring Revenue Businesses. 

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