Predictive Customer Winback

Predictive Customer Winback

Reacquire lost customers with VOZIQ’s predictive winback models

Regain Your Canceled Customers Systematically

Customer winback is significantly cheaper than new acquisitions and offers better loyalty and more customer lifetime value. However, determining the right customers and creating the right offers is critical; otherwise, your winback campaign can end up ineffective and extremely expensive.

VOZIQ takes a data-driven approach to help you identify customers with high winback possibilities and create aggressive last-chance offers. It allows you to retain more lost customers through a targeted outreach by specialized agents.

Track cancel letters and save rate by predicted score range, cancel reasons, tenure etc., to improve performance
Get a detailed report with likely winback customers with scores to support outbound calling campaigns
Get contact status and winback likelihood based on data research/negotiation – after every call
Ensure that all offers, saved or cancelled, are submitted for data analytics and improvements in future

VOZIQ’s AI-Powered Solution Helped Aptive Save More than 50,000 Cancellations

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