Handpicked Resources for Customer Retention Leaders – April Edition

Customer Retention

Handpicked Resources for Customer Retention Leaders – April Edition

Every month, we bring you the best resources from the internet to help you navigate customer retention and customer experience issues. 

This edition of VOZIQ’s Customer Intelligence Newsletter includes a handful of resources containing ideas and action plans in the post-crisis world and to prepare for the future while still keeping your customers at the forefront. 

We hope you will find this useful. 

Why Proactive Customer Retention Is Not Optional 

Customer retention has assumed a greater priority in the business world today. Due to growing customer expectations, technological evolution and the recent pandemic, retention leaders are facing a mighty challenge like never before. Furthermore, traditional approaches to build and maintain customer loyalty appear inadequate to meet today’s retention goals. 

You must know these benefits of proactive retention advantages! 

How to leverage CX automation for customer retention 

Continuous engagement is critical to long-term customer loyalty. The new age of customers, especially mobile-first customer, expect quicker, intuitive and entertaining shopping. CX automation leverages conversation analytics and customer data in CRM to drive better engagement with customers by addressing their common queries and improving interactions with them. It helps deliver a seamless, quick, intuitive and personalized shopping experience to them on their preferred messaging channels. Read more. 

7 Ways to Improve Customer Effort Score and Encourage Retention 

One of the key factors contributing to the customer experience is how easy customer’s transactions with you are and how they feel about it. Customer effort score (CES) is an important metric as a good CES boosts retention and increases the chances of new referrals. 

Read this insightful article to learn how to improve CES and make your customer retention initiatives more effective. 

Three Ways to Protect Your Customer Base From Competitors 

One of the reasons customer retention is paramount is that the revenue from retained customers is significantly higher than new acquisitions. The chances of you losing your customers to the competition are always looming. 

So, how do you build a solid competitive strategy that enables you to stay on top of this risk and improve revenue through customer retention? Explore it in this Forrester blog.