VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Roundup – June Edition

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Customer Retention

VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Roundup – June Edition

Every month, we put together the best resources from around the web to help recurring revenue businesses navigate customer retention and experience challenges, and stay on top of the latest trends.

The June edition of our Customer Intelligence Roundup entails a retrospective as well as a forward-looking view of AI’s impact on customer retention and driving loyalty.

Small and Medium-Size Commercial Insurance: The Big Opportunity
Many small and medium-size organizations remain uninsured. Besides, several commercial customers are looking for simplified insurance products and processes. Major insurers and new capital-rich insurance techs have already recognized this potential and started preparing a roadmap to seize the opportunity. Read more.

Growth, Inflation, and Adapting to Unpredictable Times

Sometimes you need to grow your way out of a tough spot. We can do this by adapting to today’s unpredictable markets. Mission-driven community members understand that now is the time for a change. Read on to know more about consumers and business leaders facing right now.

Invest in Real-Time Interaction Management to Elevate Your Long-Term Customer Experience Strategy
Real-time interaction management (RTIM) is about listening to customer needs and responding in real-time, representing your brand values. It is a way for you and your team to be honestly and authentically present with the people who matter most to you. Find out why it is time to invest in RTIM.

Are You Tracking the Customer Service Metrics That Really Count?
Rapid responses, fast order cycles, high fill rates, etc., are all examples of finetuned operations. But What matters more is whether they reflect customer experience. Identifying and tracking the right service metrics require the coordination of multiple departments. Read more.

Customer Acquisition Really Stinks Sometimes. Here’s Why

While customer acquisition steals most of the focus, retention marketing promises a lot more than its perceived potential. Finding and acquiring new customers is expensive and this expense remains the same, irrespective of the numbers achieved. Retention, however, offers high profitability at a lower cost.

Are Customers Lying to Your Chatbot?

This article involves the observation based on a couple of experiments. The findings indicated that compared to a human agent, customers are more likely to lie to a digital system or chatbots. It is possible because a machine poses a less reputational risk. But what does it imply and how can companies navigate this concern?