VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Roundup – August Edition

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Customer Retention

VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Roundup – August Edition


When Customers Are Driven by Fear, Treat with Understanding

When a customer calls a pest control call center, they are often driven by fear. For pest management professionals, it’s a responsibility as well as opportunity to not only address the pest concern of the customer but also the stress or fear. This is even more important in the pandemic-impacted world, where everyone has been struggling with some kind of stress. Read more. Scarlett Nolen from Truly Nolen of America talk more about it in this article.

Telecoms Embrace Superior Customer Service to Drive Revenue

Telecom services have undergone a massive transformation in recent years and have become more customer-centric. Today, a successful telecom portfolio goes beyond voice and text and comprises a wide range of services by leveraging an ever-growing data pool. With expansion into new markets, telcos are deploying highly advanced and intuitive customer service applications to deliver a superior experience to customers and develop long-term relationships with them. Read how this is contributing to revenue growth.

5 Customer Retention Practices That Work in 2021

Customer retention is a top priority for any enterprise since not only is it economical, but it also contributes directly to long-term success. However, the pandemic has worsened customer churn for businesses across the world. SMEs have been significantly impacted and concerned about their sustainability, given the increasing loss of customers. Here are five customer retention strategies for SMEs in 2021 to boost customer engagement and improve retention.