The Best on Customer Intelligence – August Edition

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The Best on Customer Intelligence – August Edition

Customer expectations have been going through a shift. However, there are a few fundamentals customer-focused businesses are expected to be aware of. We have found the best of the internet on customer service and building loyalty.

These Five Universal Truths About CX Have Lasted 22 Years And Counting (

A call center is the first point of contact for customers who reach out with a grievance. With growing competition, the need for a personalized approach is pushing businesses to come up with more efficient methods of service.

Roughly 25% of US consumers are devotees of at least one brand. To earn that kind of loyalty, a business will have to go out of its way to be there for customers.

While the needs of customers are changing, there are five things that have been constant when it comes to understanding a customer. Let’s look at them below:

Bearing The Bear Market: Making Sure To Put Your Customers First (

Setting unrealistic expectations is one of the biggest reasons leading to churn.

Have practical ways to build a customer-centric enterprise by resetting your top-level business goals. Investing in knowing your customers and engaging with them will yield far better results in retaining customers. Get your hands on these five crucial tips to enhance customer experience.

How To Build Customer Loyalty (

While putting customers first and knowing them is important, building loyalty with consistency is crucial. Understanding and engaging your customers is the first step. A virtual presence that will nurture your customer relationships gets them stronger. Know more about building a loyal customer base here.

What You’re Getting Wrong About Customer Journeys

It is not easy to give customers the best initial experience in their journey. Businesses should focus on providing great experiences across the customer journey to keep them returning for more. Read more about what businesses are getting wrong about customer journeys and how can they make it better.

These were the handpicked content pieces on customer experience for July. Stick around to get the best of the internet on customer retention.

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