Customer Intelligence – December Edition

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Customer Intelligence – December Edition

Customer engagement is crucial, but what if CEOs interacted with their audience personally? Would you be interested in knowing the strategic enablers of an AI retention program, or taking a brief look at Forrester’s predictions for subscription businesses in 2023? We have it all in December’s edition of customer intelligence.

When CEOs Engage Directly with Customers

Social media has played quite a role in retention and marketing strategies alike. It has become a medium of interaction and reaching the leaders for quick solutions. So, what happens when CEOs connect with the audience?

The company reaps the benefits like cost reduction, product improvement, increased customer satisfaction, and much more. Take a look at HBRs blog that clearly states the benefits of customer interaction.

What Are Feedback Loops & How Can You Close Them?

Customer interactions and feedback are a treasure trove of customer data. Businesses can take out feedback from their customers and employees and understand their needs, which will reduce customer churn and lead to a happier workforce.

Take a look at this read from CustomerThink that shows just how crucial and amazing those feedback loops are.

4 Techniques for Developing Strategy Insights

Strategies and competition go hand in hand. One of the goals of a strategy is to beat the competition. However, strategies only work if you can figure out how to position your organization on the strategic factors most relevant to your organization’s key stakeholders. This brings us to insights, a key differentiator in positioning you as the top contender.

Explore the four techniques for developing strategy insights from

Five Strategic Enablers of AI-Driven Retention Transformation

As the complexity of customer churn grows, retention approaches are also evolving to tackle the churn risk and protect customer revenue—and AI can play an instrumental role in that. Here are five enablers of an AI-driven retention transformation you can read from Forbes.

Forrester’s 2023 Predictions for CX, Marketing, and Technology Leaders

Forrester has published predictions on 2023 with customer service being a prominent theme. Their predictions range from customer expectations to challenges that CX teams will face. Look at Forrester’s insightful predictions on skill shortage challenging CX teams and much more.

These were our top picks on customer intelligence for November. You can access much more on customer intelligence and our approach to churn prediction by joining our newsletter. If you’re interested in knowing more about VOZIQ AI, let’s get in touch.