Customer Experience Perspectives (8th August 2017)

Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience Perspectives (8th August 2017)

This edition of Customer Experience Perspectives features some of the best resources compiled by our analyst team for busy customer experience/retention professionals like yourself!

Let us know your suggestions and any useful articles we may have missed.

Five questions brands need to answer to be customer first in the digital age – Mckinsey

Having a consistent brand voice in this digital age is not an easy task anymore. A strong brand voice is a living, breathing manifestation of your brand promise. In this article, authors explain how to think about the challenges and opportunities.

The following questions are the most important ones to answer:

  1. Are you thinking about customer journeys rather than just touch points?
  2. How useful is your data?
  3. Do you truly understand why your customers are doing what they’re doing?
  4. How relevant are your communications and interactions?
  5. Do you have the right people on your teams (and the processes and guidelines to support them)?

Know more challenges reading this Article.

Predictive analytics: The key to pre-empting customer service problems? – Mycustomer

Business professionals know the value of data. Sadly, relatively few organizations have worked out on what to do with all this information. The fact is: all this data is useless, unless it’s properly analyzed and acted upon. So, here comes Predictive analytics, which takes this to a whole new level and can be used to anticipate customer behavior. To know the power of Predictive Analytics, read this article.

Big Data Is Changing How Businesses Make Decisions- Smart Data Collective

Data is at the heart of business decision-making. The rise of big data has created a situation in which more businesses can launch products based on predictive analytics rather than experiential testing. To know more about the impact of Big Data on Business Decisions, give this article a read.

Data Mining, Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: What’s the Difference? – HealthITAnalytics

The healthcare industry is known for its heavy dependence on snappy-sounding buzzwords and perhaps even more infamous for ever-so-slightly misusing them. The search for truly actionable data-driven intelligence continues with defining the difference between two very similar terms: data mining and data analytics. For more info, read this article –

Customer Feedback and Data Analysis: The Keys to a Good Customer Retention Rate -Smart Data Collective

Every company needs to focus on one, a key aspect to keep their business going by retaining customers from one purchase to the next. Efforts focusing on how to bring in new customers are a great feat to undertake, but such tasks are meaningless without considering a way to bring those customers back again and again. To know more about achieving this retention goal, read this article.

5 Fresh Examples of Customer Experience Innovation – Forbes

What are the ways you can make customers lives easier and better? If you start from there you will find yourself with tons of great ideas, and your business will go from disrupted to disruptor. In this article, the author talks about 5 innovate CX initiations in various industries. Read on for some insightful info.

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